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In my previous videos i talked about the premise of Communism and why Communism as a state of society is actually illusory and impossible to achieve in reality. It is in fact a mere promise – it is what the Communist Party promises you in it’s propaganda and uses to lure people in and gain support for the violent revolution they need to establish their socialist dictatorship.

Of course here I am talking about the intentions of the Communist or socialist Party itself as well as the intention of their leaders. Their intentions are not benevolent, where never benevolent, and will never be benevolent. However the ordinary follower of communism is not normally aware of the contradictions that lie in the promise of a Communist paradise. He might really believe Communism would be a good thing that would really be achievable.

Contrary to the sinister intentions of the Party leaders who are greedy for power, the average followers intentions might actually BE benevolent.

To give you a simple example of what I mean. You all know those kids that run around with the picture of Che Guevara on their T-Shirts. I once asked one of them why he is wearing it and if he knows who this is. And he was maybe 12 years old. Most of us know that Che Guevara was responsible for the executions of thousands of men, women and children during Fidel Castro’s violent revolution in Cuba. People that in any other country would be regarded as totally innocent and where only executed because they where deemed an obstacle to the Socialist revolution. But that’s of course not what this 12 year old wearing his T-Shirt said. He said: “well isn’t that that dude… like that guy from America who was fighting against the Nazis and freed all the slaves in the U.S.”.

So that’s why you are wearing his T-Shirt, I asked? “Yes”, that’s why I am wearing this T-Shirt and why I am a Communist” he answered. Noticing a certain historical mix-up, I wondered if could push it a step further and asked him if he happened to know who Abraham Lincoln was. He answered: “well, isn’t that, that evil U.S. imperialist who threw the atomic bomb on Japan and started the Vietnam war?” Would you say you hate Abraham Lincoln then? I asked “ Yes, I certainly do”, he answered.

My point is that normally when you see someone running around with the picture of what could be regarded as genocidal mass murderer you would assume that his intention in praising such a criminal would be sinister or at the very least, meant as a provocation and if right after that, that same person goes on to slander someone like Abraham Lincoln, then that would further ones suspicions of the slanderer having malevolent intentions. NORMALY you would think that.

However this obviously wasn’t the case here. This 12 year olds intention in praising a mass murderer and then slandering Abraham Lincoln where not malevolent. He was only 12 years old, after all. He didn’t and couldn’t know anything about history, other than what he was told. He didn’t praise Che Guevara because he thought it was a good thing that he executed thousands of people. He didn’t even know anything about that. For him Che Guevara was “that good guy from America who was fighting against the Nazis and freed all the slaves in the U.S.”. Likewise he didn’t hate Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves – for him Abraham Lincoln was “that evil U.S. imperialist who threw the atomic bomb on Japan and started the Vietnam war”.

On top of that, him being misinformed was really not his fault either. He was merely repeating what he had been told by what he must have regarded as a reliable source of information. Maybe I should also ad that I met this kid a few years ago in the boarder region between former eastern and western Germany. Growing up in the environment he grew up, it is to be expected that he was told what he was told and would be raised and educated in such a way.

Therefore one can conclude that because of what he had been told, he acted the way he did, precisely BECAUSE his intentions where benevolent and he wanted to stand up against injustice and wanted to show his support in freeing slaves and that was also his reason for proudly pronouncing to be a Communist. Many, if not most young people in Germany nowadays think the way he did. So in this environment he would not be faced with much advocacy, as most of his peers would think the same way he does. However, maybe as he grows older he one day meets a tourist from the U.S.. Maybe it’s a southern conservative. Naturally there is a wide gap between their thinking. Both of them will likely feel grossly offended by the others perceived misinterpretation of history as well as the others political and ideological views which each of them would likely consider inhuman, barbaric and Nazi-like. So they will likely have such an impression of each other. If on top of that they are both drunk, they might even start a fight with each other.

However, actually they are not as dissimilar as they perceive themselves to be. And neither of them has bad intentions. Both them believe in what they believe in because they have good intentions and mean well and they both want to stand up against what they perceive as injustice and slavery.

But they themselves of course are unable to see the good intentions in the other person. So such encounters with people who oppose Communism will not only happen increasingly frequently in our young comrade’s live, they will also strengthen his believe in him being right and strengthen his hate for perceived enemies like the U.S.. It will reach the point that ultimately ANY form of opposition, will not weaken, but actually strengthen his resolve and his faith in Communism. For him it looks like people insult him and are behaving badly, precisely because they are against Communism, so he will come to hate such people and will come to believe that Communism was right in warning, attacking and de-valuing such class enemies.

Of course that is not to say that there would actually be anything good about Communism itself or that the Communist leaders ever head any good intentions. It was only to explain that it is really possible that the intentions of the average Communist follower or the average, low ranking member of a Communist or Socialist Party might really not be malevolent.

Of course the reason for this, is their having been lied to. They have good intentions in supporting Communism and it’s leaders. But only because they have been told Communism would be a perfect “paradise on earth” and Communist leaders would be benevolent humanists working in the interest of people’s rights.

So by using the unkeepable promise of a Communist Paradise the Communist leaders are able to lure in a lot of innocent people with good intentions – who simply don’t realise that Communism is unachievable, contradictory and in fact mere propaganda and that the Party leader’s actual intentions are much more sinister than the benevolent, peaceful, altruistic intentions they might claim to have.

As time progresses there are 3 options our young and innocent comrade has to inevitably choose from. One (the most likely) is that as I mentioned as time progresses he will be confronted with more and more non-Communists. Some of them might openly oppose Communism while some might not even oppose Communism at al, they are simply not Communists themselves and therefore might simply live by some other ideology.

But because of the way Communist ideology indoctrinates him, he might begin to develop more and more hate for such people and will start to regard them as class enemies. As soon as someone says something bad about Communism or even just something not in line with Communist ideology he might immediately feel offended and threatened – even though it might not actually have anything to do with him personally.

He might retaliate with personal attacks, or even with violence and thus he will get in conflict with what he regards as his class enemy – failing to see the other person as a human being like him. Normally when you insult someone, he will return the insult and when you punch someone, he will return the punch, thus the conflict and violence and above all our young comrades hate fore everyone opposing his cause will increase.

Through those conflict this hate might eventually boil up to such an extend that our young comrade will completely forget about the seemingly altruistic, humanist, non-violent, peaceful and benevolent sounding propaganda that has originally attracted him. I already talked about the contradictions inherent to the promise of a Communist society itself in my previous video. But there are many more such contradictions in all of the Communist Party’s propaganda. One such contradiction is when the Communist Party promises you peace, benevolence, altruism, humanism etc.. Because usually right on the next page they will talk about merciless, unrelenting violence and what they call “revolutionary terror”. They might even openly admit that in order to reach their goal it would be necessary to commit genocide of entire classes or races. They might even openly say that such violence has to be constantly ongoing or at least occur repeatedly.

Now if you promise people peace and tell them immediately afterwards they have to use brutal violence to achieve such peace, then of course this is an extremely obvious and glaring contradiction. With this contradiction I don’t even need to explain it – everyone can immediately see it’s contradictory. It couldn’t be any more contradictory or any more apparent.

So of course the Communist Party has to address this contradiction. And of course they claim that it’s not a contradiction, because they explain it as follows: All the violence they require of their followers is only targeted against what they call class-enemies. The Communist Party defines many different types of class enemies, but they can all be summed up in one definition: people obstructing the goal of Communism. Now they make it clear that their cause can be obstructed in two ways. One is of course by directly opposing the Communist Party like by speaking out against them like what I am doing now. But because the promise of Communism entails a complete restructuring of what they call the “old society” and replacing it by what they call “the new society” a new, world-wide social order they regard as perfect. So they make it very specific that all the old forms of society and in particular the previous social structure, previous moral codes, previous religions, previous ideas and ideologies – all them are required to be violently abolished and replaced with Communist forms of it. I talked about that in detail in another one of my previous videos. So because of that, there is of course another more indirect way of opposing Communism and therefore being labelled a class enemy, and that is by simply holding on to your previous ideology after the Communists have completed their initial revolution and came to power in a country and have now started implementing Socialism. Naturally anybody upholding a different ideology and who is therefore not adhering to the new socialist order, will automatically – maybe without realising it, become an obstacle to that new socialist order.

The being that shouldn’t exist deceived many other beings from a multitude of diverse realms and made many demons follow it and prepare for the arrival of the red dragon. Many of them came down to the human realm where they held many more meetings in preparation for the red dragon and the beast in a place they called Abaddon.

At the beginning their task seemed difficult – for even they knew clearly that their agenda was beyond even what a demon should do – nor would even a demon be able to accomplish such a feat. What they planned had no president – it never happened before nor would it ever happen again.

Because normally a demon would and has to act like this: His job is simply to serve evil beings with due retribution. Therefore even demons would normally serve a purpose and make contributions and would be a necessary evil for maintaining order in the universe. Because if there would be no demon performing such tasks, evil beings and evil people could not be punished and could go about doing harm endlessly defying human and divine law and ultimately plunging the world into chaos and anarchy making everyone commit bad deeds without remorse.

Yet what the beings that should not exist had in mind and what they discussed at their meetings went well beyond the boundaries of what even a demons role was. Their agenda was precisely the kind of destruction, chaos and anarchy that even a demon would normally serve to prevent.

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