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Abandoned Wisdom

This Wiki has just been created and is still under construction. When it is finished it will be a place where the wisdom of the past which nowadays is often left unread, ignored or ridiculed is revived. Consider it an Abandonware-Site for everything BUT computer games.

  • Books of Wisdom Books that many people know, but few have actually read and even fewer have actually understood - as well as books that have been wrongfully discarded. So in essence this section is for reviving underrated literature as well the discarded moral lessons they contain.
  • Films Films and movies (preferably in the public domain) that are underrated, unknown or forgotten.
  • Music Recordings of classical music and old recordings (in the public domain)
  • Art Paintings and other artworks.
  • Software Software (that's not already covered by traditional abandonware sites)


Me explaining the concept of the site:

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