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In my previous videos i talked about the premise of Communism and why Communism as a state of society is actually illusory and impossible to achieve in reality. It is in fact a mere promise – it is what the Communist Party promises you in it’s propaganda and uses to lure people in and gain support for the violent revolution they need to establish their socialist dictatorship.

Of course here I am talking about the intentions of the Communist or socialist Party itself as well as the intention of their leaders. Their intentions are not benevolent, where never benevolent, and will never be benevolent. However the ordinary follower of communism is not normally aware of the contradictions that lie in the promise of a Communist paradise. He might really believe Communism would be a good thing and would really be achievable.

Contrary to the sinister intentions of the Party leaders who are greedy for power, the average followers intentions might actually BE benevolent.

To give you a simple example of what I mean. You all know those kids that run around with the picture of Che Guevara on their T-Shirts. I once asked one of them why he is wearing it and if he knows who this is. And he was maybe 10 years old.

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