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Did you know that it is possible to build a refrigerator that doesn't consume ANY energy? Or how about a sailing boat without sails? Sounds new and revolutionary? Actually no. These and many more technologies have been here for a long time - so long in fact that we started to forget about them. So in essence this section is for reviving alternative and abandoned technologies.

This section is still under construction. Right now it just contains some things I might use in articles later on - or might not use (-:

knowledge of yesterday for tomorrow

freie Energie

Pyramiden Energie - freie Energie feuer strom das ist genial

schau dir mal die pdf an, einiges sind von 1975 hier kann man doch gut handy auflaen oder? versuch mal so was zu bauen, ich werde es auch versuchen, muss nur die bau einleitung.

das ist echter magnet motor

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