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The Next Step Beyond

An updated version of the popular series from the late 50's and early 60's, One Step Beyond. Still hosted by John Newland, this series looked for supposedly real stories of hauntings, strange creatures and supernatural phenomena, and produced dramatic re-creations of them for each new episode. Unlike its predecessor, this series did not attract much of an audience, and ended after only one season.

At the time when it was produced video tape was seen as the future of television. So all of the series was recorded only on video tape - so there exist no source reels of this series, which makes it EXTREMELY hard to find ANY episodes of this series and almost impossible to find episodes in decent quality. So if you still have an old VHS tape with an episode of this series lying around, you have a small treasure and should get it digitalized ASAP as that VHS tape might very well be the only copy of that particular episode in existence today.

Season 1:

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